Easy Alternative To Take Out

Easy Alternative To Take Out


For the last year, I’ve had a favorite restaurant that just happens to be vegan.  It’s called Sun Cafe, it’s near Universal Studios in Los Angeles.  One of my favorites at Sun Cafe is their french onion soup.  As a vegetarian for over 30 years, it had been years since I had french onion soup.  The first time I ordered it at Sun Cafe, it was so good I couldn’t believe! It was delicious topped with cashew cheese and wasn’t heavy in sodium, so no bloating the next day! Saturday evening I stopped by Sun Cafe for dinner and they changed the menu for the new season and my french onion soup was no longer available. spinachcurry (1024x935)

I really loved their soup, so I picked my waiter’s brain for the key ingredients. Sunday afternoon I cruised the internet for recipe ideas and I came up with a recipe that I think will allow me to make the soup at home. Today, I was off to Whole Foods to get the ingredients I needed to start playing with the recipe.

During my quick run to Whole Foods, I was intrigued by a line of sauces I stumbled across near the vinegar & soy sauce.  Mike’s Organic Curry Love, the cute labels caught my eye and, as I looked further, I saw that they were organic, gluten free and vegetarian friendly.

I love curry and Indian food. The problem I have with Indian food is that it can be hard to find a good restaurant and, when I do, I tend to eat way too much.  The ingredients in Curry Love sounded great, so I settled on a jar of Spinach Curry.  When I arrived home, I checked my fridge for something to use with the sauce.  I threw a few things together and it was incredibly good!  I have listed the items/recipe under my Favorite Recipe page, please check it out!

I am not affiliated with or receive compensation from Mike’s Organic Curry Love, it’s just really yummy and I had to share.  Only 80 calories per serving, low in fat and carbs and when mixed with tofu & vegetables, it made a really satisfying and healthy meal option. Please let me know if you try any of these sauces and how you used them.

If you can’t find Curry Love in your neighborhood, they do have a website: MyCurryLove.com and a Facebook page at facebook.com/mycurrylove


P.S. I got so distracted by my lunch, I haven’t experimented with the onion soup recipe yet. Stay tuned!

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