The MAGIC of Inspired Action

The MAGIC of Inspired Action

Have you ever just gotten a feeling in your gut that urged you to do, or not do, something? When it was a feeling that you should do something, did you follow through? If you didn’t, have you had lingering thoughts about it?

This gut feeling happens to all of us, the difference is not everyone takes action. Perhaps the idea seems impossible to you at the time, or maybe it’s something you really want to do, but you’re afraid to try. When this happens, you may make, what you perceive to be, a safer choice and yet, it still doesn’t work out.

I like to call this gut feeling, this internal nudge, an inspired action.

Whether you’re spiritual, religious or agnostic, science tells us that we are all energy and so is everything in our universe. Energy is always in motion, making it entirely possible that you are able to receive, or feel, a spark of intuition. What you do with that spark is up to you. Following through on the gut feeling may help you manifest your desire more quickly and with more ease. Ignoring it often leads to being haunted with regret, frustration or fear because we are processing information and making a decision from our ego instead of our intuition.

Is it your ego talking?

If this sounds a little ‘out there’ to you, that’s okay and normal! That’s also an ego-based feeling, these feelings are from our lower level feelings such as loneliness, guilt, greed, fear, jealousy, anger or even desperation. An example of an ego-based move would be doing something simply because you feel you should. Often obstacles will pop up, things feels forced, you have very little or no motivation or excitement for the activity; it’s like swimming up stream. Success using ego-based actions is hard to achieve.

It’s more fun in the zone!

Inspired actions seem to pop into your head out of the blue. If you listen and take steps to move in the direction of your gut feeling, things seem to unfold with ease. People, places and opportunities arise that you couldn’t have foreseen to help you achieve your goal. You’re in the zone and it feels good!

Inspired actions don’t mean jumping out of a plane without a parachute, it means taking meaningful and appropriate steps to reach your goal. The difference is that it doesn’t feel forced, it’s more fun and more rewarding. Have you ever had a job that you loved? Remember how Sunday evenings felt when you were prepping for work the next day versus a time when you had a job that you hated? Mondays, most likely, felt a lot different when you felt happy and looked forward to the new week with enthusiasm.

It’s not just about work.

Inspiration is not just related to work or starting a business. It can guide you in relationships, lifestyle, nutrition, travel, calling a loved one or long lost friend, all areas of your life. Inspired action really only has one enemy, FEAR. False Evidence Appearing Real. You may have heard it said that fear kills more dreams than anything else and it’s true. Fear will show up as procrastination, doubt, illness, struggle and excuses. I wish that I had any easy answer to conquering fear, but truly the only way to conquer fear is to do the thing that you are most afraid of doing. That’s it. I help many clients improve their confidence by utilizing strategies to put stress and anxiety in it’s place. With hypnosis and self-hypnosis you can tap into your power, realizing that all the excuses and procrastination are rooted in fear versus fact; this sets you free.

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