A Simple Shift.

A Simple Shift.

I have a confession to make.  The events remembered beginning Palm Sunday up until Easter morning are distressing for me.  Thinking about what Jesus went through breaks my heart.  Whether you are a believer, as I am, or not, human suffering of this magnitude is hard to hear about.  Despite knowing the joy and celebration that is coming Easter morning, it’s hard for me.

Last night, Good Friday, I decided to forego the formal service at another church, for private reflection instead.  So, I visited the  Little Brown Church  in Studio City, CA.  The doors of this lovely little church (yes, it is little and brown) are open round the clock, welcoming anyone to stop in and pray.  There were two other people seated in pews on the right side of the church when I arrived.  I took a seat two rows behind them on the left side and bowed my head to pray.

While my eyes were closed, a homeless man entered, set down his pack and went up to the front of the church.  He sat down at the piano and began to play.  Now, when I say he began to play, I don’t mean that he could play, in the technical sense.  It was more like noise, similar to what would happen if I tried to play the piano!  I’m a quiet person and I prefer quiet places, especially when I’m in prayer or meditation, so I found myself getting a bit irritated.

I know that we always have the option, in every situation, to see it through the eyes of love, or as something negative.  While I was not fearful of the man, I wasn’t loving on him either. I’m ashamed to say, I was annoyed.  Then it hit me.  What was I thinking?  Here was someone offering what he had, his version of music, to the three of us sitting in prayer and to the Lord. Who was I to be annoyed that he was, in my opinion, creating noise while I tried to pray?  WWJD? (What Would Jesus Do)  As Jesus hung on that cross at Golgotha, being tortured and tormented, he was in pain and afraid.  He had a choice, he could have spared himself, but he didn’t, he chose to look at the experience through love.  Who am I to be annoyed by someone plunking on a piano, traffic, bills, or anything so trivial? WWJD?

We each have our own unique journey on this earth, each bringing our own special gifts. Whether I can see, understand and appreciate your gifts is irrelevant, just as it doesn’t matter if you can see mine.  Instead of appreciating the fact that there were others in prayer with me last night, I was being cranky.  Shifting my attitude to one of appreciation for the company and that this man wanted to play for us, changed the remainder of my experience. A simple shift. A gentle reminder. We always have a choice in how we look at things.

The way we choose to see a thing or experience, is the experience we will have.

I’m wishing you love and a Blessed Easter!  xo Bobbi




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