How Are Your Resolutions Doing?

How Are Your Resolutions Doing?

12% of 2019 has already passed. How are you doing with your resolution? Statistics show that most people have given up on their goals by now. I’m encouraging YOU not to be like most people.

Imagine how you’ll feel when the weather starts warming up and you feel totally comfortable slipping into a sleeveless tank top or sun dress. For men, how cool will it be to feel good when you head out in just a t-shirt? You no longer need to hide your belly behind a bulky sweatshirt or sweater? It’s not only doable, it’s close and it’s worth it!

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Simple things can be throwing your efforts off track. Having a bite here, a nibble there, adds up. For example, take a peek at this graphic from Kaiser:

Eating the shake, fries, chips and cookies in one day, you would consume an EXTRA 2,180 calories! If you weight 150 lbs., you would need to take a brisk walk, for 8 HOURS,
to burn off those 2,180 calories! Is it worth it to you?

To maintain a healthy weight, most adults need 2,000 calories or less (depending on age, height, build, etc.). Just 100 extra calories per day can increase your weight by 10 pounds a year! That’s how so many people’s weight inches up and they can’t figure out why – just an extra 100 calories a day can do it.

The most effective strategy for weight loss is to choose to make small, manageable, sustainable adjustments in your daily life. These types of changes are easy to incorporate and maintain.

Here are some examples of weight management tips that really work:

Balance – eliminating any food group is setting yourself up for failure, it’s not realistic to maintain. Fill half your plate with non-starchy vegetables, fill one quarter of your plate with a healthy protein source (fish, pasture raised eggs, chicken, cooked beans, lentils or tofu.

Choose Nutrient Dense Foods – think a healthy protein shake instead of one of those mocha macho lattes. A good quality protein shake (I prefer vegan protein options) can have the same, or fewer, calories than the drinks disguised as coffee that are so popular now.

Make It A Good Morning – start your day with a protein, this helps get you started off on the right foot. Starting your day with a sugary cereal, bagel, sweet roll, etc. only triggers sugar and hunger cravings that will play out through the day. You are also setting yourself up for a sugar crash a few hours later.

Don’t Starve Yourself – a great rule of thumb is to consume 3 sensible meals and 2 snacks each day. This equates to eating a little something every couple of hours, helping you to avoid getting too hungry and grabbing a candy bar or chips.

Less Is More – avoid processed foods. The fewer ingredients in your food, the more easily it can be processed efficiently by your body. Aim for natural ingredients. Watch out for things like sugar, sodium and saturated fat too. Think about it like this, if you recognize the ingredients as actual food when you read the label, it’s probably a good choice.

Moderation – you don’t have to avoid all the things that have to come to enjoy because they’re not ‘healthy’. It’s perfectly okay to have a piece of cake, candy, chips, etc. once in a while; just don’t do it every day. A good rule of thumb is 80/20. Make healthy, nutrient dense choices 80% of the time and limit diet saboteurs to 20%. Some people like to have a cheat day, one day a week they have something that, on a daily basis, would hurt their results. Note, that doesn’t mean eat chips, ice cream and beer for 24 hours straight! It means have some chips and beer watching a ball game and make caloric adjustments and healthier choices the better part of the day.

Remember to think about nutrients not just calories.

I found an easy resource online that may help you make good fast food choices, click on the link for a printable pdf from Kaiser Permanente:

If you have questions, would like more specific details on nutrition or help managing your mindset regarding weight management, call me!


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