Is this affecting your sex life?

Is this affecting your sex life?

Now that I have your attention, let’s do it, let’s talk about sex.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, there are a few areas that clients most commonly inquire about. The top calls I get are for weight loss & self esteem/anxiety.  The other top concerns are stress, sleep disorders, stop smoking, sports performance, pain management & an improved sex life through self hypnosis.  The interesting thing is, struggle in any one of these areas can lead to experiencing challenges in the other areas as well.  For example, anxiety or chronic lack of sleep can lead to weight gain,this creates stress which can lead to physical pain or poor sports performance, which creates more stress that can lead to sexual difficulties.  Any one of these common challenges can cause you to suffer from low self esteem, therefore creating a loss of interest in sex.  By overcoming any one of these difficulties, success in the other areas of your life can improve too! It’s like a game of dominoes in either direction.

If your libido isn’t where you would like it to be, you aren’t alone.  A recent study found that roughly 43 percent of women have experienced sexual dysfunction.  The numbers are only slightly better for men; 31 percent.

Loss of libido is not limited to people of a certain age. 8 – 14% of women age 20-49 experience low desire.  After age 50, studies show this affects as many as 30-50% of women.  The good news, the loss of libido seems to improve after age 65.

1/3 of men age 18 to 49 experience sexual dysfunction.  The numbers are roughly the same as men age; 31% of men in their 50s, 28% between the ages of 65-70 and 22% of men age 75-85.

Learning self hypnosis can make a profound difference in overcoming sex issues.  Even one bad sexual experience can create negative thoughts, feelings of failure and self doubt. When these negative thoughts & feelings are focused on, you begin to feel even more anxious, thus creating a cycle of self doubt, perceived failure which increases chances of an inablity to perform.

Self hypnosis is a natural state & can be very effective in all of these areas, including sex; helping you to feel more relaxed, calm & confident. By creating feelings of deep relaxation & reinforcing positive suggestions, those negative feelings and thoughts can be replaced & anchored with positive ones, thereby eliminating self doubt.  This will allow you to focus on the pleasure and forget about everything that does not serve you in that moment.

There are, of course, many different reasons why one may struggle with intimate relations.  If you are struggling with sexual dysfunction, it is always recommended that you see your medical doctor.  Hypnosis can help with the psychological aspects, but it is important to rule out any physiological conditions.  It may also be as simple as your hormones.  As you age, your HGH declines and this can greatly impact your libido.  The pituitary gland’s production of HGH begins declining as early as your 20s and the effects are quite noticeable in your mid to late 30s.  That’s why I offer the only homeopathic, FDA registered real HGH gel product on the market, it’s 100% safe with zero side effects.  It has  a non-prescription micro dose that works great for both men and women.

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