The Choice Is Yours

The Choice Is Yours

Feeling great is about more than what you’re eating and how much exercise you’re getting.  It’s not just an inside or just an outside adjustment, it’s both. Feeling young, feeling good are just FEELINGS.  Nutrition and fitness have a definite impact on how you feel, but you can eat healthy and still not feel like yourself, or not good enough, or any number of negative thought patterns.  This creates stress and anxiety, which makes us feel old and worn out. New thoughts

There is a simple fix.  Make a choice.  That’s right, just choose to look for the positive in every situation.  Choose to honor your body with good nutrition and movement and keep choosing these things until they become habitual. Choose to experience what you really want.

When I talk about this, I usually hear “That’s easy for you to say.” or “I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work.” or “If you knew what I had to deal with, you wouldn’t be positive either.”  Or some variation of those statements.  You may even be saying that to yourself right now!  However, denial leads to depression.

When anxiety, stress, depression or other negative thoughts arise, realize that it’s your old, familiar programming and not actually reality.  Anxiety and depression often appear when we are in Fight/Flight/Freeze mode.  When those thoughts pop up, try to catch them and say ‘Cancel, Cancel’ and take note of what occurred right before the feeling, that’s the trigger.  Triggers can be external or internal, by noticing what triggered the feeling, you can stop it in it’s tracks the next time.  It sound’s silly, but it works.

You see, we are really good at creating imaginary solutions to imaginary problems. Everything we do is a strategy, whether conscious or unconscious. Our perception of things is our projection. We project only one aspect of a situation and then go around looking for it.

Choose the life, or outcome, that you would rather be living and create a plan. A plan ALWAYS provides a feeling of self control and that relieves anxiety. A plan is:

Problem –> Reason For Change –> Solution

How do you create your plan?  Know your outcome.  Decide what you would like to experience and make it compelling.  Think about how it feels, smells or tastes.  Feel the feeling of having it! Anything you would like to achieve, hold the idea and intention at the forefront of your thoughts, and it will manifest. Just keep going.

It’s like this;  you plant your garden with rows of pumpkin seeds, you water them, fertilize them, protect them from wildlife and the weather.  As harvest time approaches, you find cucumbers!  Ugh, you’ve planted and nourished the wrong seeds.  Unfortunately, that’s what so many people do with their thoughts.  They have planted and nourished seeds of something they didn’t really want & are upset when they get what they planted. This creates stress, anxiety and disappointment.

Choosing something, staying clear and focused on having it and watching for triggers will get you moving in the direction you prefer.  As you begin to feel better, more optimistic that it’s possible, good nutrition becomes desired instead of a punishment.  You feel more deserving of good things like whole foods, as your body responds you will have more energy and want to begin moving more.  You don’t have to change everything at once.  As a matter of fact, this is what trips people up.  I have clients come to see me and they want to quit smoking, quit drinking, start a ‘diet’ and begin working out all at one time.  It doesn’t work, choose one thing, build a good foundation and the next step will naturally unfold.

I see clients in my LA office and via online sessions. If you have any questions about any of this or if you want to get back to feeling like your real self, call me.  I offer a free 25 minute consultation and I’m happy to help!  I also have lots of free materials, so join my mailing list here:  

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