8 TRICKS to avoid eating leftover Halloween TREATS!

8 TRICKS to avoid eating leftover Halloween TREATS!


Whether you’re left holding the bag, or bowl, of candy because you’ve overbought or you’ve got children who bring home a huge haul, Halloween candy can be hazardous to your fitness goals, waistline and mental health.  Don’t fall victim to the shiny wrappers and chocolatey smells, try these steps to help you fight the temptation!

  1. THROW IT OUT!  Sure, it tastes good, but it’s just candy, an item full of sugar, chemicals and empty calories.
  2. FREEZE IT!  If you can’t bear to throw it out, try freezing it and consuming it a little at a time.  Just remember, even fun size calories count!
  3. BRUSH YOUR TEETH MORE OFTEN!  This technique works well when trying to consume less coffee, tea or wine, it also works great for sugary foods too.  Minty fresh breath and squeaky clean teeth can help curb the urge to eat and drink often long enough for the craving to pass.
  4. BUY THE STUFF YOU DON’T LIKE! This only works with the candy you buy to pass out to trick-or-treaters, but it’s a great strategy! If you hate licorice, buy that! Unless you have PMS or a weed prescription, you probably won’t eat it.
  5. HIDE IT!  This is a great strategy if you are trying to help someone in your home to avoid eating too much candy OR if you are in menopause and have trouble remembering where you put your keys, glasses, dog, and just about anything else.
  6. BE PREPARED WITH HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES! Have healthy satisfying options on hand to take the edge off the craving.  Try 1 oz dark chocolate & 1/2 tablespoon almond butter to curb your chocolate crave.  Fruit such as frozen grapes are very satisfying. Try apple slices with a nut butter, a fruit salad or even a mint tea or sparkling water with lemon or orange slices.  The trick is to satisfy your sweet craving without regret.
  7. IT’S JUST CANDY! Remind yourself that it’s just candy…and marketing.  Just because it’s in a cute seasonal wrapper and called fun size doesn’t mean it’s any more special than your regular, any day of the year, M&Ms or KitKat bars. 
  8. The last tip, and perhaps the most important trick.   If you’ve made it through the holiday without eating your leftovers, by all means, STAY OUT OF THE CLEARANCE AISLES!  The prices may be slashed, but the calories are not.  candyclearance

Taking simple steps to avoid overindulging can be easier said than done.  Many people have been raised to “waste not, want not” causing guilt at the mere thought of throwing out perfectly good food.  It seems harmless enough, small fun size bites of sugary goodness, they’re tiny, how bad can it be? Truthfully, one fun size Snickers isn’t going to kill you or cause you to go up two sizes in jeans.  But, how many people can eat just one?

If you still need a little more help, check out this great illustration on the calorie content, & exercise equivalent, of Halloween candy, outlined in this awesome info-graphic from PopSugar!  http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Calories-Halloween-Candy-Fun-Size-Treats

Stay strong!  xo Bobbi

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