6 Top Winter Anti-Aging Solutions

6 Top Winter Anti-Aging Solutions

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So many areas of the country are being hit HARD by wintery weather today. If you’re in an area where the temps are dipping, it’s important to make sure you’re protecting your skin. Here are my TOP 6 tips for keeping your skin moisturized, supple and looking the best in cold and dry conditions.

1. Moisturize while your skin is damp.

Your moisturizer acts like a barrier. By applying moisturizer while your skin is still a bit damp, you take advantage of the extra moisture and seal it in. Read your labels, choose a product without alcohol as an ingredient, it’s dehydrating.

2. Covers aren’t just for your bed.

Hands and feet are hit hard by cold temps and dry air. Apply a heavy hand cream, or foot cream for feet, and wear gloves and socks to bed. It’s not the best look, or very sexy, but hey…neither are parched hands and rough feet!

I recommend Waxelene™, it’s an excellent petroleum jelly alternative, I use it and love it!

3. Restrict your bubbles to champagne.

Soap washes away the natural oils that are there to protect your skin. Think about what Dawn does for your greasy pots and pans; that’s what lathering soap does to your skin. Choose a product like Little Seed Farm all natural, handmade goat’s milk soap. I love it! It’s made from goat’s milk at a farm in Tennessee. I first came across it at Marshalls, but haven’t been able to find it there again. Luckily, it’s on Amazon! They have lots of great products, my favorite soap is the lavender. My second fav is the Matcha & Argan. Let me know what you think.

4. It takes 17 minutes to boil a large egg.

Keeping your baths under 17 minutes will help you avoid overdrying your skin in the bath, keeping it to 15 minutes max is even better.

5. Eye patches aren’t just for pirates.

We all know the skin around our eyes is thin and is prone to dryness and lines. If your eyes are feeling a little dry, try one of the amazing new eye patches.

I started using them before special occasions or if I was feeling puffy, but now I use them more often. They are great for reducing puffiness and softening fine lines. They really infuse the eye area with moisture, much like socks and gloves with moisturizer do for your hands and feet.

6. Who doesn’t love cocoa?

Cocoa extract, from the cocoa bean, packs a ton of anti-oxidants and it’s an excellent natural emollient. Emollients smooth your skin and provide excellent hydration to plump skin and can even reduce fine lines and wrinkles over time.


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