In Like A Lion – Out Like A Lion!

In Like A Lion – Out Like A Lion!

Welcome March!  This year March is definitely living up to it’s ‘in like a lion – out like a lamb’ reputation!  Crazy weather in many areas, yet, underneath it all, there is the promise of SPRING!

March is also about the time many people give up on their resolutions. Feelings of defeat and despair because they see another warm weather season approaching and expect to feel uncomfortable with their body, unable to hit the beach or even put on a pair of shorts. Why?

It all boils down to one word….FEAR.

Why is it that the thing we want to experience the most, is also the thing we choose not to experience.  Are we all crazy?

I know I’m not crazy and neither are you.  As human beings, we are wired to stay safe.  Each of us has our own unique idea of safety that sends us gravitating toward the thing, or things, that we’ve learned or experienced in the past.  These ‘knowns’ are not necessarily good for us, they may just be things that we have ‘always done’ or have ‘always chosen’, so they are familiar. In the subconscious mind familiarity equals safety, even when the thing/situation/action is bad for you, it’s simply a known experience.

Here’s a simple technique that may help you!  Salespeople are taught to use a technique called the If/Then Close, it goes something like this; If we can do _____, based on what you just told me, then would you be willing to move forward today, yes or no?”   The if/then technique is powerful in sales because it gets the prospect to, say yes to the if/then question, priming their mind for another yes when the sales pitch is made.

How can this help YOU with your resolutions, weight loss, image/lifestyle makeover, or your life in general

  1. Simply use this as a tool to lay out – in writing – what you chose to experience in your life.  This will provide you with a detailed written description of what your life would be, feel and look like in the new experience.
  2. Be very exacting in your written description, no detail is too small! Refer to your written description, your new reality, often. Carry a copy with you, paste it on your bathroom mirror, read it upon waking and before going to sleep at night.
  3. The subconscious mind cannot differentiate from real and deeply held imagined facts, you can replace the undesirable ‘knowns’ in your subconscious with new, desirable ones.  This is called the Law of Substitution.

These easy techniques can help you overcome your fear of your desired change and help you move forward conquering your fear.  You can conquer your fear with action! What other choice is there? If you don’t face your fears and take action to overcome them, they will be a burden all your life. False evidence will hold you back in business and in your personal life.  By taking action, you are taking positive steps forward in your desire to succeed; whether that is to succeed reinventing your body, in business or to succeed in life in general.

As with so many things in life, this is a simple technique, but it’s not easy.  Try it. Stick with it. Let me know about your excellent results! (If you need help writing out your if/then statements, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to help!) 

” If only” … one of the saddest statements in life: don’t let it apply to you.       xo Bobbi






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