Dry Brushing For Smoother Skin

Dry Brushing For Smoother Skin

5 top benefits of dry skin brushing:

  1. You’ll exfoliate dead skin more effectively than  in the shower with a loofah or body scrub. This not only helps skin look younger and fresher, your lotions and creams absorb more easily for maximum benefit.
  2. It stimulates your lymphatic system. When you stimulate the normal lymph flow within the body, it can help the body detoxify itself naturally.
  3. Dry brushing helps to reduce cellulite, possibly. It does stimulate circulation and blood flow, which is does help reduce cellulite.
  4. It unclogs pores and de-congests skin for a smooth appearance.

To get the most out of dry brushing, follow these simple tips:

Dry brushing is done daily (for best results) and before your bath or shower with a natural bristle brush. I have both a long handle brush, which is good for reaching your back. I prefer the short handled brush, it allows better control and ease of use.

Always use an upward circular motion, this helps with lymphatic drainage and prevents excess stress on the skin.

  1. Brush the bottoms of feet, then up your legs in long, smooth strokes. Brush each section of thoroughly several times.
  2. Repeat the same process with the arms, start with your hands and brushing up the arm toward the heart. Brush each section of skin several times.
  3. Repeat the process on your abdomen. This area is sensitive and may tickle, so use a light touch when you’re first starting out.
  4. You may also dry brush your face, but use a small soft brush in circular motions.

Remember, you don’t want to scratch or tear your skin. Use firm, but soft, smooth strokes for the best results.  Skin should be slightly pink after brushing, but it should never be red or sting.

Brush before showering, or bathing, and use a high quality, preferably organic, lotion or cream after bathing.


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