Who Knew? Beauty Sleep Is Really A Thing!

Who Knew? Beauty Sleep Is Really A Thing!

A good night’s sleep, 7-8 hours, not only feels great, it has noticeable benefits.  Who doesn’t want less noticeable dark circles, better looking skin and more energy?  Scientists have worked tirelessly (pun intended!) to uncover sleep’s benefits. They have discovered that sleep plays a critical role in immune function, metabolism, memory, learning, and other vital functions.

How about a poll by the National Sleep Foundation*, that learned up to 26% of people say that their sex lives suffer because they’re too tired.

The Institute of Medicine estimates that one out of five auto accidents in the U.S. results from drowsy driving — that’s about 1 million crashes a year. Outside of auto accidents, any kind of accident is more likely when you’re worn out and exhausted.

It is estimated that 50 to 70 million Americans chronically suffer from a disorder of sleep and wakefulness, hindering daily functioning and adversely affecting health and longevity.

– See more at: http://iom.nationalacademies.org/Reports/2006/Sleep-Disorders-and-Sleep-Deprivation-An-Unmet-Public-Health-Problem.aspx#sthash.F4STHM9F.dpuf

If you would like to learn more, I have also found this study by Harvard to excellent:  http://healthysleep.med.harvard.edu/healthy/


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