Hippocrates Knew It In 800bc, wtf?

Hippocrates Knew It In 800bc, wtf?


Weight loss, energy, skin tone, hair & nail vitality, you name it, we want it. So what holds us back from realizing our true potential?

Volumes of irrefutable scientific research and miraculous real-life accounts confirm our body’s natural ability and healing capacity; yet we are experiencing an epidemic of preventable, reversible chronic disease, obesity and premature aging. Is this not the best evidence that current practices are holding us back from tapping into our unlimited human potential?

Everyday we hear more about the health care crisis, especially amongst seniors & low income earners. Every one of us now knows someone with cancer. Conventional medicine does not have all the answers, standard exercise and nutrition advice is not working. Throughout history, the greatest advances in any industry are the result of breaks with common thinking. It’s time for a multi-faceted, dynamic and progressive, lifestyle-based approach focusing on Self-Care.


First, what it is not:  it is not a new idea!

hippocrates-quoteHolistic Self-Care is
An attitude of taking responsibility for your own health and being personally accountable for your actions. This includes a willingness to learn, improve yourself and do whatever it takes. After all, who will care about you more than YOU?

Taking simple corrective actions that address the root causes in alignment with the body’s natural needs can create a healthy environment conducive to longevity, peak performance and a better quality of life. Who doesn’t want that?

The foundation for achieving total wellness through self-care is formed by:

OPTIMUM  Detoxification

Whether your goal is WEIGHT LOSS, ENHANCED ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE, ANTI-AGING or BETTER HEALTH, discover why the right combination of cleansing, nutrition and exercise is your personal prescription for breakthrough results within as little as 24 hours!

If YOU could achieve one HEALTH or WEALTH goal within the next 30 days what would it be? I’ld really like to hear yours, let me know in the comments below!


 “We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial ingredients a furniture polish is made from real lemons.”  Alfred E. Newman

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